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"No I am not a ghost. I am a robotic organism, hailing from the Androshol galaxy, sent to gather knowledge about the civilizations in this area and then judge them accordingly." ….. "STOP POKING YOUR COMM DEVICE OR PLAYING MUSIC. /Please/! I am trying to converse with you and you are making this extremely difficult."  This organic was testing his patience.  He had a comm tech specifically lock onto the frequency.  If she continued to play this game they would simply just have to speak in person.

She presses a button and the game closes. “Rude. You’re rude.” she says, jabbing the phone hard with her finger. She sighs loudly. “Another alien robot… We have more than enough of those already. We don’t want any more.”

"How am I rude?  All I am doing is asking that  you simply have a conversation with me.  You are the one making things difficult."  They don’t want any more?  How many are there?  "I am only aware of the Cybertronians as another robotic race…  Are there others?"

"Yeah, those ones. Those are the ones we have here, and they suck. You know those guys right? Then you know what I’m talking about right?"

The Allspark did play a role in the construction of Cybertron, but Cybertron is not a creation of the Allspark. Oh wait, that's not a question... Uh... Would you like fries with that?

((yes fries are good. I really hope you guys get to do an animated comic or something some day to answer all the questions in the series in an awesome way))

Looks like they are practicing Tantric Yoga. And Yes, They are using the Allspark energy to have sexual pleasures.
This is “Sarilicious 2” 

I’m really, really confused right now. What’s going on? Am I about to split her in half or break her legs off or something?

Looks like they are practicing Tantric Yoga. And Yes, They are using the Allspark energy to have sexual pleasures.

This is “Sarilicious 2” 


I’m really, really confused right now. What’s going on? Am I about to split her in half or break her legs off or something?

vectormagnus said: Excuse me SG Sari, but what about the Allspark? Did Cybertron was created by the Allspark in the Malgus Universe? Please, corroborate.

((The Allspark creates new life on cybertron by creating sparks, but it’s also a creation of the unknown race that created the transformers. It’s a very complex computer/machine, and no one can figure out how it works. I don’t know what made Cybertron, whether it was created as a metal planet, or if it was converted to one. I just know that magical robot gods didn’t play a part in it))

Your notes page says that Primus doesn't exist in SG TFA. Where'd you get that?

((It’s canon. Primus doesn’t exist in Transformers Animated, normal universe or SG universe. He didn’t create the transformers in Animated, another unknown race did. The church of Primus exists on cybertron as a collection of insane cultists, but their god does not exist))

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Hey my name’s Reema and I’m a queer girl who’s also an atheist living in Qatar a country in the Arabian peninsula that mainly goes by the Sharia law currently, and in this country identifying as a queer atheist is punishable by death (see here and here ) what’s worse is my birthday is coming up soon and by Qatari law I am at the age of consent, and my family plans to forcefully make me marry one of my family members this year or the next one. I have told them many times that I am against that, but I can’t do much because by legal standards, they aren’t doing anything wrong.

My mother knows that I left islam and am against many of our traditions here but she still insists that this is the best way even if i don’t know what’s “best” for me now. I’m not allowed to work as well due to my mom thinking it’s unbecoming for a soon to be wife, so I can’t earn money here either.

I have opened a donation pool so I can afford a ticket to the US where I’ll be staying with my partner, and to pay for any necessary paperwork I’ll need to check once I’m there. I can’t disclose much about this situation because it might endanger me and my partner even more, but if you have any questions or tips (especially if you know a lot about LGBT rights for queer arabian women) or even a signal boost would be appreciated. PLEASE! Meeting a really close person to me and getting out of this dangerous and toxic environment is a matter of great importance to me! 

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